2010 – Best albums from the second quarter

Another quarter just passed by and we are already halfway through this year. Summer is here and I’m enjoying my vacation in the hot sun, so forgive me if this is a little late into the month. You are free from work and get paid, wow, that must be one of the best things they’ve come up with :) The only bad part is that it ends so quickly, but on the other hand, I’m happy to have a job to return to after my time off is finished. Enough said, let’s see what these three past months have brought us. This second quarter must have been the debut quarter as I know many new bands released their debut album of which I think delivered a great album. Check it out below.

Note that this is only my own thoughts and words.

Shiv-R – Hold My Hand
With “Hold My Hand”, the duo delivers a new face in the heavy electornic club music and is somehow a mix between the dark hellectro style, but without distorted vocals, blended with heavy trance-fused elements. A great debut album.
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TourdeForce – Colours In Life
TourdeForce constantly shifting styles but also tempo to make it really easy to listen to and it never gets boring. “Colours In Life” offers great production of catchy electro songs with amazing female and male vocals that puts TourdeForce as one of the most promising new acts out there.
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Menschdefekt – The Human Parasite
Another debut album. The main theme of the lyrics is about todays society to criticize things like war, murder, consumption or even nationalism and fascism. Every song is very club-orientated with dark and aggressive vocals from Fredrik and even though its harsh and heavily distorted it’s easy to understand the lyrics.
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Ad Inferna – Heroine (Revisited Trance und Tanz)
this release has a much greater impact on me then the album. It’s an excellent release with many club-smashers and infectious melodies that will for sure make you wanna move your feets.
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Edge Of Dawn – Anything That Gets You Through The Night
With “Anything That Gets You Through The Night”, Edge Of Dawn delivers a true masterpiece. Just stunning! The moody sound never gets boring and every track stands out in its own way. With heavy beats and pounding rhythms blended with amazing vocals and beautiful melodies, over the course of both danceable and slower tracks, “Anything That Gets You Through The Night” is an outstanding album and can’t be missed. It shouldn’t be missed! Album of the month for June.
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Kant Kino – We Are Kant Kino, You Are Not
Kant Kino delivers, with their debut album, striking melodies in the modern EBM genre, a massive assault of hard-hitting beats with infectious background soundscapes in the veins of Hocico, Leaether Strip or even Skinny Puppy.
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System Syn – Strangers
With a handful of releases and top-notch production, System Syn once again delivers a strong release and it’s time for the band to step out from the shadows of the bigger names.
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Suicidal Romance – Shattered Heart Reflections
“Shattered Heart Reflections” is a true masterpiece of great tracks with amazing melodies and touching female vocals. It’s danceable, beautiful and offers great production. Album of the month for May.
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Dual Density – Soul Ecstasy
With a very fresh sound, influenced by the 80′s itali disco and the 90′s eurotechno together with the modern synthpop, Dual Density delivers a strong debut album. Itali Disco 2.0! Be sure not to miss Dual Density!
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Dead Turns Alive – Maelstrom
The album covers a wide range in the electronic scene. Powerful melodies fused with heavy beats and industrial elements. Album of the month for July.
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Ahead of us, in the next coming months, I’ve noticed the summer is here and there is not that much that I have scoped up as we speak. But there is a couple of albums that will see the light of day and that I’m really looking forward to. The new Preemptive Strike 0.1 album, which I’m enjoying at this moment, will be out in just about a week. New album from Code 64 finally got a release date, set for September 8th. September also see the release of the The Birthday Massacre album “Pins And Needles” on Dependent sub-label Cellar Door. I’ve heard the first track from the album and it really sounds great. There is a couple of reviews coming up soon including Project Pitchfork, Ad Inferna and of course the Preemptive Strike 0.1 album.

As of now, continue to have a great summer, I will. Over and out.