Binary Park “The Deviated” (Infacted Recordings)

Binary Park - The Deviated Artist: Binary Park
Title: The Deviated
Format: EP
Label: Infacted Recordings
Genre: Electro, Industrial
Release date: October 7, 2011

Six months have passed since the debut release from Torben Schmidt’s new creation together with Alfred Gregl and singer Huw Jones. The wide variation of styles with a complex sound structure was only some of the parts the album offered.

Now, the band are back with the follow-up EP “The Deviated”, featuring 7 new tracks together with 3 remixes from labelmates Liquid Divine and Architect.

With this EP, it seems the band have made a decision of what path to choose. Instead of, like on the album, a huge selection of different styles within the electronic music scene, they have focused into one path of dark electronic music and the result is that the tracks feels more entwined together then ever.

I’m still very impressed by the complexity the tracks tends to offer. However, the tracks feels more worked through and I think this was the right path for the band to take. The music focuses on deep basslines, heavy rhythms with twisted electronic soundscapes and still the moody approach in the sound to Huw’s strong voice. Even a more melodic tone have find its way into the sound which is highly noticable in tracks like the title track “The Deviated” or “She’s Insane”.

The Impact remix of “Worlds Collide” has club appeal written all over it. With a massive bombardment of heavy beats it is meant for the dancefloors and would surely make bodies move. Liquid Divine hints with lots of IDM elements with deep basslines while Architect delivers a more moody and calmer version of the track “Into The Deep”.

Binary Park proves with this release that they are definately a band to count on and here to stay. I won’t say the music is revolutionary but it’s fresh tends to give a nice spark within the genre.


01. The Hidden Room
02. Into the Deep
03. She’s Insane
04. The Deviated
05. Not in Love
06. Lick the Blade
07. Keep on Falling Down
08. Worlds Collide (Impact Mix)
09. Into the Deep (Liquid Divine Remix)
10. Into the Deep (Architect Remix)