Cryo return with mini album in October

Martin Rudefelt, aka Swedish one-man assault Cryo will be back with a new mini-album in October.

“Beyond” is said to be darker, more dystopian and atmospheric then previous releases will be released on October 26th through Progress Productions.

Read the official press release here:

With the previous albums “Cryogenic” and “Hidden Aggression” and the mini-CD “Mixed Emotions” Martin Rudefelt has placed himself among the top names within the harder electronic scene. He won the huge SAMA (Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards), he has been nominated at the Manifest Awards, has been selected twice to be part of the prestigious “Septic” compilations. Last year it was a full Russian tour, Arvika Festivalen, Elektrostat Festival etc. etc. This year Cryo returns to Russia for two weeks in October and he did a stunning performance at the WGT-Festival that went down very well. Later in November he will also be supporting KMFDM at a show in Germany.

With this new Mini-CD “Beyond” Cryo takes a step towards a darker more dystopian, atmospheric approach and it´s not even wrong to mention artists like Jean-Michele Jarre but never without loosing that special “cold and static” EBM-style which has become like a trademark for the band. Tracks like “Event Horizon” and “Singularity” (Future Population Mix) will for sure dominate the alternative dancefloors worldwide this winter. Martin himself calls “Beyond” a journey to explore the dark unknown and the feeling to embrace it.

Last year, Cryo released the second studio album “Hidden Aggression” and recieved great response both from media and fans.


01. First Light
02. Escape Velocity
03. Zero-G
04. Event Horizon
05. Singularity
06. Beyond (Miserére Mei)
07. Singularity (Future Population Mix)