Cyferdyne “Genesys” (Deathwatch Asia)

Cyferdyne - Genesys Artist: Cyferdyne
Title: Genesys
Format: Album
Label: Deathwatch Asia
Genre: Electro, Futurepop, Industrial
Release date: June 29, 2012

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Cyferdyne is the UK/Lancaster based band of the three members Niall Robertson (Programming/Vocals/Production), Steven Houghton (Programming/Vocals) and Adam Higginson (Programming/Guitars/Synth). Formed as late as in 2010 the band are now ready with their debut album “Genesys”. A demo was released early last year, which I reviewed and that impressed me very much.

Some things have happened since then. They changed their name from Cyberdyne, and probably the biggest thing of them all, they found a home with Japanese label Deathwatch Asia. A label I think will fit them well. What impressed me the most with the demo, which was the bands first however, was the incredible strong vocals from Niall and Steven. The mix of both clean and harsh is very well combined and in a way that for sure will stun every fan of strong melodic singing. Even if the sound has been heard before, it is with the lyrical and vocal structure the band impress the most by integrate it very well and not sounding the same through the entire album.

With track after track “Genesys” really keep the level up at a constant rate with productive and excellent melodies with harsh beats mixed with futurepop soundscapes. The opening “Dark Forever” is a very strong start and the following is not that bad either. The variety is between several different styles probably mostly cover the electro style with influences of Industrial and Futurepop. Which however was a great part already from the demo. From that very same demo it is only three tracks included of the five. “Nova”, “Feeling” and “The Shell”, who all got a better overhaul both in production and deeper sound compared to the previous versions. But still very amazing tracks.

“Afraid To Dream” is another powerful track. It starts out with a sample from the Terminator movie and after approximately a minute in it kicks off with dark beats and a kicking chorus. The implementation of glitchbreaks and dubstep give it a reminding thought to another strong act in the genre; Fractured. Take the track “Pathways” on the other hand. It is almost the right opposite where the band deliver a much more catchy, but yet very beautiful and harmonic electropop creation with amazing vocal performance.

With a tracklist most dominated by Electro and Industrial where they keep this thread within the sound it comes to something completely different with the last of the original tracks. “Pray For Daylight” is the only one that derive from the others. Even though it is just too good to be left aside, being a very emotional and outstanding track. You got it in some of the other tracks serving as a background sound, like “Nova” for example but here it is definitely the key instrument during the second half of the song. I’m talking about the guitar. However, it starts very electronic with a stunning and calming sound of depth and harmonic feelings. The backing cello and piano sound definitely strengthen that feeling. But the more this almost 9-minute track excels it is brought in more and more.

I predicted a bright future for these guys already last year and this debut album just proves that I was not wrong. “Genesys” is probably the most intensifying, varied and entertaining album within the genre this year and deserves your attention. It will be very interesting to see how they manage to top this excellent release.


01. Dark Forever
02. Epsilon Prime
03. Machine
04. Save Me
05. Feeling
06. Afraid To Dream
07. The Shell
08. Pathways
09. Nova
10. Sleeping With Sirens
11. The Silence
12. Pray For Daylight
13. The Shell (Alien Vampires Remix)
14. Pathways (Grendel Remix)
15. Epsilon Prime (CeDigest Remix)