Cygnosic “Fallen” (Deathwatch Asia)

Cygnosic - Fallen Artist: Cygnosic
Title: Fallen
Format: Album
Label: Deathwatch Asia
Genre: Harsh EBM
Release date: July 22, 2011

Not so long ago they delivered the single “One Step Forward” as the appetizer for whats to come. Hailing from Greece, Cygnosic return with the second studio album “Fallen” on newly signed label Deathwatch Asia.

Just as with the single, “Fallen” holds a powerful theme of dark and heavy beats to strong melodic elements and heavily distorted and dark vocals. The sound of the vocals is similar to the one of Tyske Ludder, vocals with a very dark tone in the voice. The distortion can be a bit to overused in some parts but overall it stays at a decent level.

“Fallen” delivers uptempo tracks like “Bury Your Hate”, “What Lies Behind” but also some with a dropped beat count. The clear synthesizers that is used is a great mix to the dark vocals and gives you a catchy structure and many songs is very melodic and club-friendly. And don’t forget about the additional samples that I think lift the tracks. Not overused, but at a clean and good rate. A very interesting piece here is the slower track “Blindfold”. The tone is really heavy and with sounds of violins and great piano play it creates a beautiful atmosphere.

The single hold a very interesting collaboration with natives in Siva Six. A track that is really good but not included on the album. But you will get another work with Siva Six on the album in form of a remix of the track “Decide”. Even the respective remixes from X-Fusion and PreEmptive Strike 0.1 is amazing and probably falls into the category of one of their most impressive remix works to date.

“Fallen” is a good album. However, the high hopes I got after hearing the single doesn’t sustain or increased. The album includes a couple of really amazing tracks, indeed, but overall that isn’t enough to hold it up and keep it interesting over a long period of time. “One Step Forward”, “Decide” and “Blindfold” and the remixes keep this album up and shouldn’t be missed.


01. As We Approach The End
02. The Fallen
03. One Step Forward
04. Decide
05. Realize
06. Bury Your Hate
07. What Lies Behind
08. The Time Has Come
09. Altered Directions
10. Blindfold
11. Bury Your Hate (X-Fusion Remix)
12. As We Approach The End (PreEmptive Strike 0.1 Remix)
13. Decide (Siva Six Remix)
14. What Lies Beind (C-Lekktor Remix)
15. As We Approach The End (DJ Liquix Remix)