Electrovot “Turning Point” (Remote Music)

Electrovot - Turning Point Artist: Electrovot
Title: Turning Point
Format: Album
Label: Remote Music
Genre: EBM, Futurepop
Release date: August 18, 2011

Formed in 2008, Electrovot is the Mexico/San Diego, California-based electronic project of the three members Mikel Andrew, Rob Sandoval and Fabrizio ‘Sven’ Chollet. With a home at German label Remote Music, “Turning Point” is the bands debut album. Remix works can be found in recent releases from bands like State Of The Union, Ad Inferna or Amduscia to name a few.

Different from many other bands from Mexico, Electrovot deliver a style that is more common in the modern German EBM scene with Future pop influences. Think Rotersand and [:SITD:] or even Lights Of Euphoria. And why I say that may be that this album is actually produced by both Krischan Wesenberg of Rotersand and Tom Lesczenski of [:SITD:].

With a very distinct beat, the band deliver strong melodic structures with twisted electronics, similar to Frozen Plasma. It’s very danceable and not to mention the great voice from Rob, which actually sound similar to Krischan’s sometimes. This (can we call it a hybrid?) of previous mentioned bands is something really amazing and I must say I’m stunned by the result. Some tracks like “Wasted Life” or title track “Turning Point” has this flirt to the old school EBM sound.

It’s fresh, it’s interesting and deliver a great atmosphere and contains lots of club friendly tracks that would be something like an early christmas present for any DJ out there to spin.

As a bonus we’ll get a new remix from returners Lights Of Euphoria.


01. The One
02. Fate
03. Dagger Doll
04. Control
05. Wasted Life
06. Turning Point
07. Night Soldier
08. Not Enough
09. Faded Memory
10. End Of The Line
11. Winter Day (Red Flag Mix)
12. The One (Acoustic Mix)
13. Wasted Life (Lights Of Euphoria Mix)