Final details revealed for debut albums from Detroit Diesel and Reaxion Guerrilla

From today, the final details has been announced for the debut albums of two newcomers into the electronic music scene. The two bands I am talking about is Detroit Diesel and Reaxion Guerrilla.

Both albums will be released simultaneously on respective release dates on both Infacted Recordings in Europe and on Deathwatch Asia for Asia/Pacific.

On November 12, the debut album “Terre Humaine” from Canadian harsh-EBM outfit Detroit Diesel will be released. A couple of weeks ago the download-only EP “Lost Signals” was released and is definately a track that will blow you away. If you haven’t got the EP yet, I can recommend you to get it. The album has been mastered by Jan L. of X-Fusion and features 12 original tracks together with additional remixes from FGFC820, Die Sektor, C-Lekktor and Soman.


01. Normandy
02. Serenade
03. Lost Signal
04. Field Of The Dead
05. Not Yet
06. All Lost Before Dawn
07. Terre Humaine
08. Bring Me Noise
09. The Game
10. Zwanziger
11. Ruins
12. Red Rebels
13. Serenade (C-LEKKTOR Remix)
14. All Lost Before Dawn (FGFC820 Remix)
15. Lost Signal (SOMAN Remix)
16. All Lost Before Dawn (DIE SEKTOR Remix)

The Peruvian harsh-EBM legends-in-waiting Reaxion Guerrilla will release its debut album “I Hate You” on November 19th. The album holds a total of 17 tracks including guest vocal appearence from Johan Van Roy of Suicide Commando together with several remixes from bands like Alien Vampires and Freakangel. See full tracklist below. The album has also been mastered by Jan L.


01. Post Apokalipzixxx
02. I Hate You
03. Psycho Destruxion (feat. Johan van Roy: SUICIDE COMMANDO)
04. Mueranse Todos
05. Kruzi-Fuck Me
06. No Way To Heaven (God Is Dead)
07. Torture + Disease
08. Bleeding To Death
09. Cyberkillers
10. Enjoy This Pain (Killing Angels)
11. Destruye Tu Pasado
12. Kruzi-Fuck Me (ALIEN VAMPIRES Remix)
13. I Hate You (KRISTOF BATHORY Mix)
14. Kruzi-Fuck Me (EDEN SYNTHETIC CORPS Remix)
15. I Hate You (FREAKANGEL Remix)
16. No Way To Heaven (The Brotherhood Of Sleep Mix by ARSCH DOLLS)
17. Infernal Machine