Free Festival ElectroFest 2010 cancelled

Recently it was announced that the free festival ElectroFest 2010 in Gent, France has been cancelled.

The City does not allow it to take place and an official statement will follow shortly. The Festival were going to take place on July 24th and the supposed line-up consisted of 32Crash, Implant, IC 434, XMH, Psy’Aviah and BUZZ + DJ’s.

In the picture: IC 434, one of the bands who supposed to attend at the Festival.

UPDATE! August 16th 2010

I contacted the people behind the festival to get a statement and this is what I got:

The reason we have to cancel the electrofest is nothing more than A politic acquittal between some leftwing and green inviromental parties who want there 15 minutes of fame for themself.

By the fact that at the same moment there is a 10 days street festival here in Gent and the politicians are organizing self some gig’s like JAZZ Gent and the MOVIEFestival it’s also a conflict of intrest. We should take them to court with this, but If we want to try next year agian we have to be verry quiet over this matter, also the fact that multiculture is promoted by the socialist mayor is also A reason of doubt. But we know also many people who wanted to support us and In A few weeks we will have the names from the politicians who are contravene us, and then it will start agian with the right people for next year.

Philip Lievens