God Module “Rituals” (Metropolis Records)

God Module - Rituals Artist: God Module
Title: Rituals
Format: Single
Label: Metropolis Records
Genre: Horror EBM
Release date: August 9, 2011

Later this year, God Module returns with their highly anticipated new album “Séance” due to be released in mid-September. This will be the bands first studio album in four years since the “Let’s Go Dark” release in 2007.

But first up is the new single “Rituals”, who works as the appeticer for the new album. Actually this is the first release since new member Clint Carney (Imperative Reaction/System Syn) joined last Summer to team up with Jasyn and Courtney. This single is actually more like an EP consider its lenght but since there is 6 mixes of the title track out of the total eight tracks included I feel it’s more suited as a single.

To strip it down we have three different tracks here. The title track “Rituals” – of course – together with the two album tracks “Devil’s Night” and “Remember”, but in a mixed form. “Rituals” is a very harsh track with great beats. It’s this distinct beat that really gets you moving and I’m sure this will be played a lot on the clubs. The sound feels very fresh – and even updated with a few different elements. “Devil’s Night” continues the onslaught and this version is mixed by Modulate. Once again an uptempo track but with a much more prominent beat structure. To continue on with the third and final track “Remember”, this is actually the first track featuring new member Clint Carney on vocals. It is somehow something different from what the band have done in the past with more rhythms that stand out. I must say I think the mixture is great and is a new path for the band but it still feel like God Module with its spooky atmosphere.

All the mixes varies in styles and tempo. One of them who I think stand out is the mix from Distorted Memory. Love the punch this mix has which is really something that you will feel in your chest.

“Rituals” is a really cool single and something I really like, as I’ve been a little disappointed with their last albums. With “The Magic Is My Heart”, released last year, I feel they showed a small glimpse of life again. But this small appetizer of the new album really get me longing for a new full-lenght release. “Séance” will be in stores on September 13.


01. Rituals
02. Rituals (Distorted Memory Mix)
03. Devils Night (Modulate B-Ket Mix)
04. Rituals (White Ring Mix)
05. Rituals (God Mod Clubbed To Death Mix)
06. Remember (God Mod Vexed Mix)
07. Rituals (iVardensphere Mix)
08. Rituals (Mordacious Mix)