Grendel “Chemicals + Circuitry” (EP Infacted)


Grendel - Chemicals + Circuitry


Artist: Grendel
Title: Chemicals + Circuitry
Format: EP
Label: Infacted Recordings
Genre: EBM, Electronic
Release date: November 27, 2009

Grendel is back in 2009 after the very successful “Harsh Generation” album from 2007 with a new EP, entitled “Chemicals + Circuitry”, which is a small taste of what we can expect on the forthcoming album. This EP features three new tracks “Chemicals + Circuitry”, “Shortwired” and the instrumental track “Serotonin Rush” together with several remixes from bands like Komor Kommando, Thomas Rainer (L’ame Immortelle/Nachtmahr) and labelmates Modulate and more.

The title track starts out as a typical Grendel song but when the beats begin to pound and the vocals is revealed you know something is different from the earlier sound. The beat and melody is slightly changed to a more “poppier” approach and they have ditched the distortion on the vocals. It seems that more and more artists remove the overused effects on vocals, Grendel this time and from earlier I also know that Daniel Graves of Aesthetic Perfection didn’t use any distortion on his latest album except on one track. Also, the additional female vocals gives the music a different feeling to it. Even though the sound is a bit changed, the song is a pure energy piece that surely fit for the dancefloor and with a very distinct melody.

This “new” sound – if we can call it that – continues on the other two tracks aswell, and I must say it really sounds great. With the track “Shortwired”, I think VLRK shows some skills in a new interesting way with his singing, and the melodic touch this song has is so great. My personal favorite on the EP. The instrumental track “Serotonin Rush” offers some really cool new synthetic landscapes never heard before from Grendel and its very distinctive atmosphere is present throughout the entire song. It is melodic, harmonic and very beautiful.

Personally, I’m not convinced that all fans will like this new sound since the music on “Chemicals + Circuitry” is not that dark anymore, even though it still is recognizable with the typical Grendel structure, but it’s said that the next album will without a doubt be a true follow up to “Harsh Generation”, showing both old and new strenghts. We’ll just have to see what that brings us, but I really love this EP and can highly recommend it.


01. Chemicals + Circuitry
02. Shortwired
03. Serotonin Rush
04. Chemicals + Circuitry (Komor Kommando Remix)
05. Shortwired (Synthteic Dream Foundation Remix)
06. Chemicals + Circuitry (Dym Remix)
07. Shortwired (Statik Sky Remix)
08. Chemicals + Circuitry (Studio-X Remix)
09. Shortwired (Thomas Rainer Remix)
10. Chemicals + Circuitry (Modulate Remix)