Haujobb “Dead Market” (Tympanik Audio)

Haujobb - Dead Market Artist: Haujobb
Title: Dead Market
Format: EP
Label: Tympanik Audio
Genre: EBM, Experimental
Release date: June 17, 2011

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Haujobb are back! “Dead Market” is the first release from the band since “Vertical Mixes” back in 2005, but is the first new material from the duo in 8 years. “Vertical Theory” from 2003 was the last.

A new album is scheduled for release later this year and “Dead Market” is a first glimpse of what to expect. The title track is presented in 7 different versions, including remixes from The Horrorist, Absolute Body Control to name a few aswell as the probably familiar track “Letting The Demons Sleep”, which the band gave away for free earlier in a demo version.

The lead track is dominated by the words “Manipulate! the pulse, the pad and the rhythms – Dominate the world”. And I would say that pretty much describe what this song sounds like. It’s very experimental, as always with the bands sound, with lots of cool rhythms. The poignant voice of Mr. Myer makes it to the track aswell as the twisted soundscapes and manipulated elements of IDM.

“Letting The Demons Sleep” offer lots of old school EBM influences together with a very mystique approach in the sound structure. The additional tag “Nightmare” on this the tracks title can very well describe the atmosphere the track has.

The remix from Absolute Body Control is the one that fell into my personal likings. This is probably the only track that would fall into the hands of all EBM and Industrial heads out there. The Nomenklatür remix is also really nice. I really like the intensity it gives, but also the very prominent beats. Even Paul Kendall, who have contributed works for Nitzer Ebb and Recoil in the past, have put his hands on this single and remixed a track. It’s the last remix named ‘Engineer’s Dub’.

Though, the title track in its original form, aswell as the extended one, is something that brings you back to earlier albums and probably most prominent the “Ninetynine” album from 1999, but with an updated structure which make not sound outdated. The forthcoming album “New World March” is very much interest and something I’m looking forward to, even though this single doesn’t reveal very much of what to expect.


01. Dead Market
02. Dead Market (Extended Remix)
03. Dead Market (The Horrorist Remix)
04. Dead Market (Exes Remix)
05. Letting the Demons Sleep (Nightmare)
06. Dead Market (Nomenklatür Remix)
07. Dead Market (Absolute Body Control Remix)
08. Dead Market (Engineer’s Dub)