Imperative Reaction “Imperative Reaction” (Dependent Records)

Imperative Reaction - 2011 Artist: Imperative Reaction
Title: Imperative Reaction
Format: Album
Label: Dependent
Genre: Electro
Release date: September 16, 2011

Three years have passed since last studio album “Minus All” was released, and it seems mastermind Ted Phelps has taken the time needed to work on the new self-entitled studio album.

Earlier this Summer, the band teased with the single “Surface” with an accompanied well-directed music video. Ted revealed earlier that the new album would be like a new beginning for the band, but also that it will be an album that defines were the band is at right now.

The album is the sixth studio album so far since the debut album 12 years ago. Something that always have struck me with Imperative Reaction is that the production have been great. Ever since “Redemption” almost ten years ago, that is a solid album still today. Ted is really great to put together great melodies with powerful compositions to get that club friendly appeal. The album is full of it. Although, the album feels more melodic than ever before.

It starts of with the distinct “Side Effect”, which is a great opener. It kinda reminds me a bit of Aesthetic Perfection. As always, Ted deliver a stunning singing performance. The clean screamo approach is still there as well as dirtier and heavier tracks like “Time Doesn’t Care” or “Hype” which got some great energy destined to be a future club hit. “What Is Left To Say”, who was present on the single but here in its original form uses a much cleaner beat and not as deep as on the club edit from the single. The result is that you get a more melodic approach. I like both versions though and you’ll get two versions for different occasions.

The distorted guitars stays at a perfect distance in the background, something that actually lift the sound to give it more depth. The track “Song Of The Martyr” however, pushes it to a new level with more revealing guitars to deliver this rock atmosphere. It still got the unique Imperative Reaction brand on it but give great diversity. The opposite would probably be the very catchy track “Siphon”, delivering an addictive structure and strong refrain. Just as “Side Effect” it doesn’t feel as dirty.

“Surface” being one of the strongest tracks. It is the lead track and is the center core for this album with the amazing “Side Effect” kicking it off and to end with the outstanding “Closure”. I feel that a red thread is present delivering a milestone in the bands career.

The band deliver a solid 11-track masterpiece and nothing compared to its predecessors. Even if it sound like Imperative Reaction should do and no huge changes and nothing mind-blowing, they have succeeded with creating 11 strong tracks, every single track is actually really good, including both heavier tracks with strong bass and beats as well as catchy songs with powerful hooks and addictive melodies. Ted was right with saying this being their defining one.


01. Side Effect
02. What Is Left To Say
03. Siphon
04. Song Of The Martyr
05. Torture
06. Surface
07. Time Doesn’t Care
08. The Signal
09. Hype
10. Permanent
11. Closure