Kant Kino “We Are Kant Kino – You Are Not” (CD Alfa Matrix)


Kant Kino - We Are Kant Kino You Are Not


Artist: Kant Kino
Title: We Are Kant Kino – You Are Not
Format: CD
Label: Alfa Matrix
Genre: EBM, Electronic
Release date: June 11, 2010

In late 2008, the two Norwegians Lars Madsen and Kenneth Fredstie united and formed the band Kant Kino. Only a few months later they shared stages with well-known acts like Apoptygma Berzerk and Front 242, but also featured on several compilations and later also signed to Alfa Matrix. This June, the duo release their debut album “We Are Kant Kino – You Are Not”.

The first impression that I got when hearing the name Kant Kino, I really didn’t expected it to be harsh and pumping EBM. So, that was really a surprising moment when starting the first track “We Are Kant Kino”. Todays modern sound are blended with the 90′s heavy synths together with distorted and aggressive vocals. Many tracks are definately meant for the heavier clubs. “Forgotten Faces” and “Soulfood” is really amazing with its hypnotic elements and harsh sound but yet very melodic feeling. Beautiful.

I am really amazed about this album and it contains alot of excellent tracks of high quality. I’m just loving it and this album shouldn’t be missed by anyone. The sound is modern, not anything new-creating, but with an amazing sound, Kant Kino delivers striking melodies in the modern EBM genre, a massive assault of hard-hitting beats with infectious background soundscapes in the veins of Hocico, Leaether Strip or even Skinny Puppy.


01. We Are Kant Kino
02. Firebrigade
03. Submissive Nation
04. Invisible Tears
05. Stille!
06. Owner of This House
07. Red Rain
08. Forgotten Faces
09. Soulfood
10. You Gave Me Nothing
11. This Is Why
12. Tales