KMFDM “WTF?!” (Album/Dependent Records)

Title: WTF?!
Format: Album
Label: Dependent Records
Genre: Industrial, Rock
Release date: April 29, 2011

KMFDM has been active since the time of the dinosaurs. Well, not exactly that long but since mid-80′s. With many members who have come and gone during the years the current line up and Sascha Konietzko being the only original member left throughout the bands history, they are back with their new studio album “WTF?!”.

Earlier this year, the band released its first single in over nine years. “Krank” is the result and was a worthy appetizer for the new album. A track the even is the opener. I think it is a very powerful track with futuristic soundscapes, a powerful beat with heavily distorted guitar riffs throughout the entire song and could easily be some sort of tribute or celebration to the band itself with its egocentric chorus.

It continues with another strong track, “Come On – Go Off”, who also was featured on the latest Dependent Records label compilation “Dependence 2011″. For a person not being a very big KMFDM fan I fall for the track immediately for its fast-paced beats, heavieness and straight-forward melody. The sound is very dirty and rough with crazy electronics. “Rebels In Control” features female member Lucia Cifarelli on vocals and is a track that easily reminds me of Rage Against The Machine. Well, in a more electronic point of view that is. With heavy rhythms and more focus on the electronics – with only the guitars in the background – this is another powerful track. I like it.

“Take It Like A Man” is definately something I didn’t expect to hear from this band. It totally derives from what the band are known from. The result is a mainstream disco anthem with Lucia in a duet with Free Dominquez of Kidney Thieves. Even if the track is kinda cool I don’t feel it to fit in with the rest of the tracks. It continues with the very melodic “Viva La Mort”, even if still goes as a very powerful Industrial track, but with additional crispy and crystal clear synths. I like Sascha’s voice on this one. “Spectre” is another track that contributes with guest vocals and this time it is William Wilson from Goth/Industrial band Legion Within. Not my type of music but the voice of William kinda fit in with the music quite well here. “Amnesia” starts out very electronic the first minute before the heavy industrial guitars take over during the chorus. The track is really catchy and the synthesizers got more room here compared to the others on the album. Yet a strong vocal performace from Lucia.

I can’t say how high this come or rate this album with their back catalogue of how high I think this album comes. Besides a few downside and misplaced tracks, I think this is a great album with a strong vocal performance and production. For all die hard KMFDM fans this maybe is yet another masterpeice from the band?


01. Krank
02. Come On – Go Off
03. Rebels in Control
04. Lynchmob
05. Take It Like a Man
06. Viva la Mort
07. Dystopia
08. Panzerfaust
09. Spectre
10. Amnesia
11. Death & Burial of C. R.