Komor Kommando “Oil, Steel & Rhythm” (Album/Alfa Matrix)

Komor Kommando - Oil Steel And Rhythm Artist: Komor Kommando
Title: Oil, Steel & Rhythm
Format: Album
Label: Alfa Matrix
Genre: EBM, Techno
Release date: February 25, 2011

Sebastian Komor made his debut almost two years ago with his new project Komor Kommando. The long-announced debut album “Oil, Steel & Rhythm”, formerly announced as “Where Flesh Meets Metal”, is finally here.

Only three tracks from the EP is included on the album, which I see as a good decision as the EP didn’t had any remixes at all. The opener “Rhythm Machine” is a powerful track with very interesting soundscapes and actually reveal a small glimpse of the Icon Of Coil, of which now almost has a legendary status. The album offer pretty much what the EP started, hard-hitting beats, a dirty industrial sound to Techno elements. The music is all for the clubs and besides the track “Predator” featuring Sascha from KMFDM on vocals, it’s all instrumental except a few lines here and there.

But I don’t think this release is anything more then just that and not interesting enough. When it is at this form it feels very naked with the lack of lyrics and it’s difficult to not get tired out, especially when you not discover the music on the dancefloor. The track “Hasta Luego” is probably the best surprise on this album. I love the melodic feel this track has and it’s not that ‘dirty’ that most of the track feels like. The Mexican/western theme is outstanding and it’s surrounded with this happy feeling that you just want to move your body. After all, the production is very good.


01. Rhythm Machine
02. The Factory Incident
03. Shrapnel
04. Atrapado
05. Predator (featuring Sascha of KMFDM)
06. Triggerfinger
07. BoomTscheekah
08. Natural Born Filler (Hellbound)
09. Hasta Luego
10. Slaves of Machines
11. Does Not F*ck Around
12. State of Destruction
13. Das Oontz
14. Mambo Nr 808
15. Blues’n'Tubes