Level 2.0 “Battle Sight Zero” (Nilaihah Records)

Level 2.0 - Battle Sight Zero Artist: Level 2.0
Title: Battle Sight Zero
Format: Album
Label: Nilaihah Records
Genre: Electro, Industrial
Release date: May 24, 2011

In 2009 Level 2.0 released their second studio album “Armageddon”. An album that I like very much and I have been longing for a new album ever since.

One thing I really thought of when their new album “Battle Sight Zero” was announced was to see if they were able to produce an album just as entertaining as its predecessor, or even surpass it.

I must say it starts off really good. The album takes off where “Armageddon” ended and track “Individual” is a very catchy track with lots of catchy beats and strong hooks to an outstanding melody and touching words. I love Mike Hoffmans voice. It is really great and is nothing less then mesmerizing.

Tracks like “Testament” or mentioned “Individual” deliver sounds that the band are known for from previous album but when hearing the title track “Battle Sight Zero” or “Evidence Of Existence” you will be discover a darker, much heavier and updated sound from the band. Many of the tracks are beat driven which are suited for the dancefloor but as with a need for variation, you also have “Victim” and the spectacular “Blue Like Neptune”. And that is something they manage to do once again, to keep me interested from the first track to the very last second.

But then you can ask; Is this just an updated “Armageddon” release? I would say both yes and no. I think the duo have done an amazing job here with an album at least as good as its predecessor but with an improvement in production and like I mentioned, many tracks go with a darker and heavier sound, but without loosing that special touch. Expect emotional and gripping lyrics. But probably the best thing of it all: Are you weak for stunning melodies and danceable rhythms? Well, then Level 2.0 is something for you. Their music is full of it.


01. Individual
02. Testament
03. Battle Sight Zer0
04. Victim
05. The Sound of Goodbye
06. Back into Light
07. Evidence of Existence
08. Vengeance
09. Blue Like Neptune
10. Abandon
11. Red X
12. Beside You
13. Zer0 Hour