Level 2.0 “Elevate” (Nilaihah Records)

Level 2.0 - Elevate Artist: Level 2.0
Title: Elevate
Format: EP
Label: Nilaihah Records
Genre: EBM, Electro
Release date: September 12, 2012

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After last years successful 4th studio album “Battle Sight Zer0″, New York-based duo Level 2.0 return with the new EP “Elevate”. An EP that comes with all new material including six remixes.

The title track comes in its original form and a couple of remixes, including Sonik Foundry and Pulse State. With a distinct beat and a catchy melody the song found its way into the typical Level 2.0 sound that we have found to recognize and like by now. The second track “When The Stars Align” is a collaboration together with Mike Phipps from Pulse State. It’s an up-tempo track with a really nice melody. The mix of the two voices team up very well together and even though this might be a bit too smooth or cheerful compared to the style we used to get from Level 2.0 I think they have managed to create something really good here. It gives a more depth into this release.

“Whirlwind” continues and once again an up-tempo track with dark beats and crystal clear synths. “Persevere” got a deep and pounding beat and could easily be the darkest one on the EP. The following remix from Negative Format is however a great sign that Alex Matheu is well underway with new music (hopefully) and that we’ll see a new release soon.

If you like the previous material from Level 2.0 you will definitely not be disappointed with this EP. With all new material and very good remixes to keep it varied but still with a complete feeling of them matching together the EP is very interesting and enjoyable.


01. Elevate
02. When The Stars Align
03. Elevate (Sonik Foundry Remix)
04. Whirlwind
05. Whirlwind (Cellmod Remix)
06. Elevate (Altimeter Mix by Pulse State)
07. Persevere
08. Persevere (Negative Format Remix)
09. Elevate (NES Mix)
10. Elevate (216 Mix)