Lyronian “Side Scan” (CD Deep Symmetry)

Lyronian - Side Scan Artist: Lyronian
Title: Side Scan
Format: Album
Label: Deep Symmetry
Genre: Electro
Release date: September 25, 2009

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Lyronian is the one-man project of Alex Kern, based in Germany and “Side Scan” is the debut album. Lyronian is signed to the german label Dark Symmetry/Prussia Records which also have stated that “Side Scan” is one of the most awaited electro debut albums this year.

“Side Scan” features a total of 11 tracks and together with the bonus cd included in this limited edition with many great remixes from well known bands such as Leaether Strip, Accessory, UnterArt, Cephalgy and Beborn Beton, this album is really strong. The first track “Matthew The Clown” sets the tone for how this album turns out. It is an outstanding track with a catchy melody and a powerful structure. The album holds many great tracks, both potential dancefloor fillers like already mentioned “Matthew The Clown”, “Life Is A Show” and “For All Eternity” but also some more melancholy and emotional tracks like “The Place Above”, “Never Ending Warmth” and “The Sleep Of The Just”. I have to say that the voice from Alex is outstanding, clear and beautiful. With the song “Life Is A Show” I feel it hard not to see a comparison with Ashbury Heighs. Some parts in this song has that Ashbury-feeling to it, but also the singing part has similarities.

With the bonus cd this great album gets even better. All bands have put their own unique touch with their work and the song “Never Ending Warmth” gets a real facelift with the magics from Accessory to become a more club-oriented track. But be sure not to miss the remixes from Beborn Beton, UnterArt and Cephalgy, they are all of very high class. But also an Addict version and a Kennedy remix is very enjoyable.

“Side Scan” is full of hard beats, powerful electronics, beautiful melodies and atmospheric soundscapes with outstanding vocals and a mix of the 80′s sound and the modern feel to it. “Side Scan” offers great music for your ears to enjoy and is warmly recommended.


01. Matthew The Clown
02. The Place Above
03. Life Is A Show
04. The Sleep Of The Just
05. Broken Crockery
06. Neverending Warmth
07. Inferno
08. Silvery Light
09. Your Perception
10. For All Eternity
11. If The Dark Is Beauty

01. If The Dark Is Beauty (Leaether Strip Remix)
02. The Place Above (UnterArt Remix)
03. Matthew The Clown (Cephalgy Remix)
04. Never Ending Warmth (Accessory Remix)
05. Matthew The Clown (Addict Version)
06. Life Forms
07. Life Is A Show (Beborn Beton Remix)
08. Silvery Light (Dee Needle Remix)
09. Matthew The Clown (Piano Version)