Neuroactive “Antidote” (CD A Different Drum)

Neuroactive - Antidote Artist: Neuroactive
Title: Antidote
Format: Album
Label: A Different Drum
Genre: Synthpop
Release date: July 15, 2009

After three years of work, a new album from Neuroactive is finally here. “Antidote” is the name of the record and as with earlier release, “Antidote” includes many tracks with guest vocals from other singers. Albert Martinez from Neuropa and Marcus Fellechner from Rename to name a few.

I have always been attached to the electronic sound from Neuroactive and its very easy and addicted to listen to. The single “Wonders Of The World”, released back in 2002 is still one of my favourites. More or less every song on “Antidote” is great with the recognizable Neuroactive sound and ranges from dancable club tracks to more soft and calm synthie-pop tunes.

Check out the tracks No Place Like Home, How It Feels, Blindness Is Never Enough and Antidote.

This is an album of very high class and is a must-have for all fans of synthpop and electronic music. Get the Antidote!


01. Never Felt Better
02. No Place Like Home
03. How It Feels
04. Remedy
05. End of My Existence
06. Blindness Is Never Enough
07. Magic
08. Broken
09. When the World Tries to Bring You Down
10. Antidote
11. Series of Accidents
12. Coil