Neuropa “Plastique People” (Album/Digital Download)


Neuropa - Plastique People


Artist: Neuropa
Title: Plastique People
Format: Album / Digital Download only
Label: Self-released
Genre: Synthpop
Release date: July 7, 2010

It’s been rather quiet from the Australian synthpop duo Neuropa the last couple of years, but 2010 marks the return of Jason Last and Albert Martinez with the new studio album “Plastique People” featuring 13 new tracks. This album is their sixth and is only available as a digital download.

After a rather boring opening with the title track, the following “Das Beat Industrialle” is a really interesting piece of art that feels a lot heavier then what I’ve heard from the band earlier. With a darker atmosphere together with a strong and pounding bassline, the band flirts with the EBM genre and I think they do it very good. “Fashion War” is another amazing track. Already a classic Neuropa track that has all their unique elements, it’s very catchy and addictive. Not to mention the voice of Jason Last that fits like a glove to this music. Amazing. Do not forget other great tracks like “Darkness Remains” with its cool rhythms and once again darker structure and the poppy “Nothing Like You” that hints with distorted guitars smoothly in the background to great soundscapes. Or like “You Feel The Same” with a really addictive melody I’ve caught myself humming on the last couple of days.

“Plastique People” features many danceable and great tracks and the influences of 80′s classic synthpop bands like Erasure and Yazoo is still there and with this new album the band proves that they still can deliver high class synthpop.


01. Plastique People
02. Das Beat Industrialle
03. Fashion War
04. Concrete Fields
05. Modern Talking
06. Darkness Remains
07. Chromakey
08. Save Us
09. Nothing Like You
10. The Futurist
11. You Feel The Same
12. Catalyst
13. In The Silence