Photovoltaik “Photovoltaik” (EP/Unsigned)

Photovoltaik - Photovoltaik Artist: Photovoltaik
Title: Photovoltaik
Format: Demo EP
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Synthpop
Release date: January 29, 2011

Photovoltaik is a pretty new band in the synthpop genre, based in San Diego, California, and one thing that I thought was pretty cool with this band is that they build all their analogue synths themself.

They recently finished the production and mixing of their selftitled 6-track demo EP. Their very catchy synthpop with minimalistic sound pretty much reminds me of early Elegant Machinery and the time were they was at their best; during the 90′s. Even a small hint of Ashbury Heights can be heard from time to time.

Everything feel very simple, but yet it sound so extremely good with great vocal appearence for being a demo. The opener “Sleep Tight” can easily draw resemblance with Fad Gadget. Every track has a strong melody and it only bring you joy and a happy feeling. My personal favorite is “Persuasion” with its very melancholic atmosphere and beautiful sound. It keeps very high class, both in sound and with its lyrics. Even if the sound can be worked on with a better production. Now it feels very dirty and raw. Though, I think this is a duo that you should keep an eye for.

Too bad the all tracks is so short, only between 2 and 3 minutes. But on the other hand it leaves you in wanting more. Get your own opinion by download the EP here.


01. Sleep Tight
02. The Factory
03. Persuasion
04. The Well
05. Kevlar
06. Departed Hours