Portion Control “Violently Alive” (CD Sigsaly)

Portion Control - Violently Alive Artist: Portion Control Title: Violently Alive Format: Album Label: Sigsaly Transmissions Genre: Industrial, Old-school EBM Release date: March 12, 2010

The British Electro/Industrial band Portion Control has been around for quite some time now, and released numerous albums since the start in 1980. This year, they celebrate a 30 years anniversary by releasing their new album “Violently Alive”.

If you’re into the likings of old school EBM and bands like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb you will definately find “Violently Alive” enjoyable. Mixing old school with todays modern EBM with Industrial and a hint of experimentation to create a pretty decent album, but the similarities with Front 242 is too big, both musicwise and vocally. But Portion Control have never been a band that suited my taste of music, so this is definately nothing for my ears. The production is good and the album offers driving rhythms and a distinct bassline blended with Industrial elements.

They should really check into the issue regarding the cover. This is probably the most boring one I’ve ever seen and would definately not get me into buying it.


01. Icon
02. Relapse
03. Skull Kid
04. Amnesia
05. Blood Loss
06. Addiction Rising
07. Rise
08. Waste
09. Guided By My Fear
10. Extraction
11. Stealth
12. Swollen
13. You Hold Me Down