Project Pitchfork “Continuum Ride” (CD Trisol)


Project Pitchfork - Continuum Ride


Artist: Project Pitchfork
Title: Continuum Ride
Format: CD
Label: Trisol Music Group
Genre: Dark Electro
Release date: July 23, 2010

17 months after the successful comeback album “Dream, Tiresias!”, the dark electronic trio in Project Pitchfork strikes again with another album in “Continuum Ride”. Continuing on the path where “Dream, Tiresias!” ended, the band goes back to their early years refining the sound to a more modern touch. The album comes in two different editions, the standard edition and a limited edition featuring a bonus disc together with a DVD containing the video to the song “Beholder” (which you also can find here below) and behind the scenes.

The fresh sound is already noticed in the first tones of the opening track “Way Of The World”. The unique Pitchfork-feel is still there but with more appearing synthesizers which was also noticed on their last album “Dream, Tiresias!”. The track is a true masterpiece and already a classic tune with a very addictive and charming melodic structure before it fades out to a cool breeze before next track takes over. The album is packed with striking and harmonic melodies to the tunes of great electronic soundscapes and together with dark voice of Peter Spilles makes it just so good. “The Dividing Line” is a very pieceful track with a very mellow tune and continues with the very strong “Endless Infinity”.

We’ve already got an appetizer with the video of the track “Beholder” which I thought were great already in the first listening but the track is really great and it gets better everytime you hear it. With its very catchy sound structure and appealing atmosphere it is another masterpiece included on this album. The “Supersonic Snakebite” shows off a very poppy structure and with its driving synthesizers this was something I didn’t expect from the band, but I was really surprised by the song and I like it very much. The mix from the early synthpop era with the modern touch is very cool and sounds really great.

Overall, a very strong album and definately their best work to date. And who could think the band would deliver such album after so long in the scene? It could only be described with one word: experience!


01. Way of the World
02. Stacked Visions
03. The dividing Line
04. Endless Infinity
05. Dead Cities
06. Continuum
07. Beholder
08. Ghosts of the Past
09. Supersonic Snakebite
10. Star Child
11. 43rd Floor
12. Full Contact