Psy’Aviah “Eclectric” (CD Alfa Matrix)


PsyAviah - Eclectric


Artist: Psy’Aviah
Title: Eclectric
Format: CD
Label: Alfa Matrix
Genre: EBM, Techno
Release date: March 19, 2010

Belgium’s own Psy’Aviah, created in 2003, release their third album “Eclectric” in 2010, featuring an almost fully packed cd with a total of 15 tracks covering over 70 minutes.

Melodic EBM with straight-forward vocals like the tracks “No Excuse” or even “Keep Hope Alive” they are destined to be club-smashers. Among all this gush of energy, the album shows a different point with the melodic track “Somemthing Evil”, that offers great vocals from female singer Emelie Nicolai without any distortion. Notable is that the album includes two guest appearences, on “Ophelie” you get French vocals by Front 242-member Jean-Luc De Meyer while “Into The Game” features Ayria.

Mixing together futuristic techno beats with pounding basslines and twisted electronics in the veins of Combichrist, makes this a good album. Though it shifts in style throughout the album which I think has an pretty uneven outcome. Recommended: “No Excuse”, “Something Evil” and “Paranoid”.


01. No Excuse
02. Keep Hope Alive
03. !AllAboutYou
04. Something Evil
05. Anger Management
06. Attract/Reject
07. Paranoid
08. Blackhole
09. Ophelie (feat. Jean-Luc De Meyer)
10. Sweet Hard Revenge
11. Into The Game (feat. Ayria)
12. Twisted Mind
13. Fear (Theory)
14. Fear (Practice)
15. Rivotril Nights