Rename “The Collector” (Niiemo Records)

Rename - The Collector Artist: Rename
Title: The Collector
Format: Digital Single
Label: Niiemo Records
Genre: Electro, Synthpop
Release date: July 29, 2011

It’s been quite some time since I heard anything new from US synthpop act Rename. The debut album “Culture” was released back in 2004, a really good album. Since then, two more albums have been released. The last one in 2007.

To top that, several single releases has also been released and now the band return with a new single through own label Niiemo Records.

I have followed Rename ever since their first album, which is somekind of a favorite still today. Even if the following albums have been better in production and with a more mature sound I haven’t found them as interesting as the debut album. The new single “The Collector” give out new hopes of something really good. It’s a 3-track single featuring remixes from People Theatre, Rename themselfs and a dub from Matt Mancid.

I must say I fell in love with the track right away. It’s catchy with great hooks and a beat-driven melody. The band have really evolved and this single is a true floorfiller. People Theatre deliver a really catchy club appeal and with a nice transfer into the next track you don’t even know when it change. Marcus Fellechner’s amazing voice is not difficult to like and it almost has this drought of enjoyment. Just perfect for the synthpop genre.

Matt Mancid, a young and rather new promising star in the Trance genre have made a really nice dub of the track. His first remix was actually of the track “The Hack” by Rename from 2009. He have managed to get a really amazing atmosphere to the track with emotional elements and a strong bass.


01. The Collector (People Theatre’s Item Radio Edit)
02. The Collector (Rename Love Of The Music Mix)
03. The Collector (Matt Mancid Dub)