SITD “ROT” (CD Accession)

SITD - Rot Artist: [:SITD:]
Title: ROT
Format: Album
Label: Accession Records
Genre: Electronic, Industrial
Release date: October 30, 2009

[:SITD:] is back after two years and delivers a new album, their 4th, entitled “ROT”. The album hold a total of 11 tracks and once again the album is available in two versions. A regular version and a limited one including several remixes from bands like Reaper, Project Pitchfork, S.A.M. and Aesthetic Perfection together with an extended version of the track “Rot” and another track called “Heldenhaft” plus a final version of the intro “The Insanity Of Normality”.

Their previous release “Bestie:Mensch”, released in 2007 was an album I was very disappointed in. For me it sounded very strange with a too dominant beat structure in most of the tracks.

Back to “ROT”, which means red for you who didn’t know. After the very cool intro “The Insanity of Normality”, you get overwhelmed with beats with the track “Catharsis (Heal Me, Control Me)”. The mix of old-school EBM sequences and pumping beats with the modern sound makes this very different from any other [:SITD:]-track released before. The pumping beats continues with the title track “Rot” which is named V1.0. However, this track offers a way more melodic feel and features these cool synthetic soundscapes that we are used to from [:SITD:]. “Stigmata Of Jesus” is the first slower track on the album, besides the intro and it has this nice atmospheric landscapes of synthesizers in the background which has become somekind of a trademark in their music. Next up is “Zodiac”, a very experimental track which brings us back to this old-school EBM sound I mentioned earlier and hearing this song without knowing the artist, you would probably not guess [:SITD:]. With “Pride” I must say that I think this is also a very experimental track and even though it sounds familiar to what we are used to, it features new elements not heard before and it is the first instrumental track on the album. Driving beats with a very catchy melody.

Halfway through the album and we have come to “Redemption”, the first track with Tom on vocals. The very familiar intro sequences gives away the tone for the song to be very emotional with an atmospheric feeling rush through your body but yet the lyrics is very sad and my interpretation is that the song is about a man that seems to have lost all that he felt love for and don’t feel any love back or even lost his memory and no one knows who he is. Probably one of the worst things that could ever happen to a human being. And the piano melody thoughout the song makes it even more emotional and sad.

The other song with Tom on lyrics is the ending song “Destination”. No beats on this one, only Tom and landscapes of beautiful synthesizers.

The conclusion is: “ROT” features many great tracks, a much clearer vocal structure, mostly with the voice from Carsten Jacek. A much more intensive and very emotional album, featuring a lot of energy and power.


01. The Insanity Of Normality
02. Catharsis (Heal Me, Control Me)
03. Rot V1.0
04. Stigmata Of Jesus
05. Zodiac
06. Pride
07. Redemption
08. Frontal
09. Pharmako
10. MK Ultra
11. Destination

01. The Insanity Of Normality (Final)
02. Rot V2.0 (Extended)
03. Rot (Remix by Reaper)
04. Redemption (Remix by Project Pitchfork)
05. Rot (Remix by S.A.M.)
06. Rot (Remix by Aesthetic Perfection)
07. Heldenhaft (Vox Featuring Othura)