Spark! “Hela Din Värld” (Progress Productions)

Spark - Hela Din Värld Artist: Spark!
Title: Hela Din Värld
Format: Album
Label: Progress Productions
Genre: EBM
Release date: February 8, 2012

“Hela Din Värld” is probably one of the most longed-for albums in the Swedish EBM scene. The two men behind the music, Mattias Ziessow and singer Stefan Brorsson, have been working hard for the past years to get this ready since the 2010 EP “Genom Stormen”. The band continue with their Swedish lyrics and the approach of Stefan Brorsson’s voice is hard to think of in another way.

The opening track “Döden Och Jag” kicks off with a sample from the old cult movie Det Sjunde Inseglet from fame director Ingmar Bergman. The track is a true masterpiece and will surely set its feet on the dancefloor. The next 40 minutes is a brutal wave of danceable tunes with catchy refrains and hard-hitting beats. Some are more melodic then others like “Hela Din Värld”, “Hugg Det I Sten” or “Kärlekskarusell” while “Popkomplex” or known “Genom Stormen” focus more on the heavier beats.

However, it’s not as dirty as their last album “Ett Lejon I Dig”. The sound is a lot more worked through and got a really good production behind. With well-written lyrics and stunning sound structure this is an album that for sure will last for a long time and when we look back at the end of the year, or even a few years from now, I think this album will be in peoples mind.


01. Döden Och Jag
02. Dom Kommer Tillbaka
03. Hela Din Värld
04. Popkomplex
05. Revolution 2.1
06. Skål!
07. Hugg Det I Sten
08. Tankens Mirakel
09. Kärlekskarusell
10. Genom Stormen
11. Hela Din Värld (Dirty Anhalt Mix)