SPARK! “Popkomplex” – New single out now

Out today is the brand new single “Popkomplex” from Swedish EBM act SPARK!.

The new single is just another step towards the new album, which is still untitled and without any scheduled release date. Check out this very cool video below. The track is available for purchase at

A press release from the label Progress Productions:

Summer is here!!! And for the people stuck all day working with the radio in the background.. this means HELL!!! The summer radio HELL!!! Same catchy radiotunes about the beach, girls and bathing… just exactly what you wish to hear while working. Swedish act SPARK! decided it´s time for a change…. he is the brand new singel “Popkomplex” which is like a fistpunch in the face to commercial radio…. the problem is …. hhrrmmm … it´s just as catchy as those damn summersongs…..