The Crystalline Effect “Industrial Re-Evolution” (EP/Deathwatch Asia)

The Crystalline Effect - Industrial Re-Evolution Artist: The Crystalline Effect
Title: Industrial Re-Evolution
Format: EP
Label: Deathwatch Asia
Genre: EBM, Electronic
Release date: April 22, 2011

Just as with the pre-single released a couple of weeks ago, this EP kicks off with the tribute song “Ada Makes The Machines Sing”. Still a very powerful track with a punchy beats and a catchy melody.

You can almost take this EP as an album since you will get 9 different songs out of the total 14 included, remixed in a way or in its original form, serving both with vocals and instrumental ones. I think its very impressive to see this nowadays as almost every EP is full of many different remixes of the same songs, even if some of the songs is taken from previous releases.

Everything feels so fresh and I think it’s a huge overhaul compared to previous releases. It got more pushing beats, twisted electronics and catchy melodies. Influences varies from Trance to Techno, EBM to Futurepop, but the red thread is kept through the entire tracklist. It’s a great conceptual release.

The two instrumental tracks that was included on the single is also featured here, but this time with vocals. I really love those two instrumental and works both on the dancefloor but also to enjoy to with your headphones where you can deep within your mind and just relax. Even with lyrics it’s still very powerful and on the other hand it gives this emotional and touching feeling. And by the way, once again an amazing remix done by Fractured.

This is for sure a sensational comeback from the band, delivering one clubby track after the other. The voice of Elenor Rayner match perfectly with the music and she sure knows how to write good lyrics. Not to mention the incredible production from mastermind Pete Crane (SHIV-R).


01. Ada Makes The Machines Sing
02. No Longer Evolving
03. Anechoic Lock
04. How I Get Out (Cellmod Remix)
05. Blue Sea (Dave Foreman Remix)
06. Broken (Studio-X Hard Electro Remix)
07. Ada Makes The Machines Sing (Ada In The House Remix By Yade)
08. No Longer Evolving (Soman Remix)
09. Do Not Open (The Synthetic Dream Foundation Remix)
10. How I Get Out (Fractured Remix)
11. As Long As You Need
12. Core Reaction
13. Broken
14. Ada Makes The Machines Sing (Extended Instrumental)