Various “Born Evolve Progress Vol.3″ (Progress Productions)

Born Evolve Progress Volume 3 Artist: Various
Title: Born Evolve Progress Vol.3
Format: Album
Label: Progress Productions
Genre: EBM, Electro, Industrial
Release date: July 6, 2011

Progress Productions are here with a new label compilation! It’s the return of the of the great “Born Evolve Progress” series and the third installment is here.

Label compilations like this are probably the only one that are any good nowadays. I know several labels have them and I think they are a great way to show off whats going on within the label with future releases as they give you a small taste of your favorite bands. Even if it’s not only new songs, it sometimes include exclusive remixes previously unreleased. Hopefully, that is! The main thing here though is to include music that hasn’t been released so far or not included on any other release.

Just for doing something out of the ordinary I thought that I get through each track for you in this review.

Henric De La Cour “Dogs”:
This compilation hits off with latest signing of the label: Henric De La Cour, the ex-member of Yvonne and Strip Music. The track “Dogs” is a really catchy track that kinda reminds of Kite with it’s very minimalistic and simple sound.

Kite “Ways To Dance (Leaether Strip Remix):
The following track, from mentioned Kite, is a remix of Danish EBM act Leaether Strip. First time I heard this track was at the Code 64 release party last year and I must say I really fell in love with it instantly. It’s very catchy and Claus Larsen have really done a great job here.

Red Cell “Lost”:
Next up is a new track from Red Cell. They are currently working on their third album and “Lost” kinda show off a new sound from the band. This is what to expect from the new album. If you liked “Lust” from their latest album, you will definately love this one. It’s an up-tempo with a great melodic feeling, putting the guitars a side to concentrate 100% on the machines. This is yet another masterpiece from the band giving away an addictive chorus.

Covenant feat. Necro Facility “Lightbringer (Speedrun II)”
One of the biggest hits from last year! The collaboration between Covenant and Necro Facility was something we didn’t expect and their masterpiece “Lightbringer” was something out of the ordinary. This version is called Speedrun II (the first one was included on the single), but both versions sound kinda the same with some minor tweaks. It’s still an awesome track though and is like the hand in a glove for the dancefloor.

Code 64 “Deviant (SPARK! Remix):
Code 64 earlier announced their next EP “Deviant”, to be released this Spring, but unfortunately it’s still not out but I think a safe card is that this remix will be included on it. This remix not bad, but I don’t feel it got that unique SPARK! sound on it. This is probably one of those tracks that is very difficult to do a great remix as the original track is so great. That is atleast what I think.

Necro Facility “Do You Feel The Same (Henrik Bäckström Remix):
Not long ago, this band could have released this years best album. “Wintermute” was something out of the ordinary and a new milestone in the bands short musical career so far. This very up-tempo remix from lead vocalist Henrik Bäckström is a great floorfiller concentrating on the beats and a great atmosphere hinting of Trance elements, where all the verses of the lyrics have been removed and only focusing on the chorus. Love it!

Cryo “Change (90ies Mix):
Another artist working on new material is Martin Rudefelt with is EBM project Cryo. “Change” is a completely new track and it show off a new side from this one-man project, getting a much more melodic feel to his sound, but still with this amesome punch that he is known for. Even the vocals is slightly changed and this is probably THE sound for the project.

SPARK! “Popkomplex”:
This is a pure summer track! Giving a punch in the face to all the mainstream summer hits that is being played over and over again on all radio stations. “Popkomplex” is yet another catchy track from this Swedish EBM duo, focusing on a very strong melody, something the band are known for in the past with powerful tracks like “Ett Lejon I Dig”, “Tankens Mirakel” and “Genom Stormen” to name a few. Their modern touch with catchy rhythms to the old school EBM sound and catchy tunes are something that always will work out on the dancefloor and “Popkomplex” is no exception. Stefan’s voice is just great. But it is a little more hoarse this time and it sounds he have taken a couple bottles of whiskey before recording the vocals. However, it sounds really great. Can’t do more then just love it.

Titans “Dried Out”:
Another new act! Titans hit like a bomb around Christmas last year when releasing their debut single “All There Is”. This Swedish/US act are currently putting the final touches on their debut album and “Dried Out” is yet another powerful track from the band. Strong vocals from Dan Von Hoyel and great melodic feel with distinct beats is the recipe here..

Mr Jones Machine feat Susie “De Månbleka Tingen (Benbag Remix by Cryo):
An exclusive remix from Cryo on this very strong track. This remix kinda gives away a very mystic approach with cool Ambient elements. The voices of Jarmo Ollila and Susie Päiväirinta is just like made for eachother and fits perfectly together.

System “Inheritance (SYSTEMatic Mix):
If this track doesn’t work on the dancefloor I just don’t know what will. It’s catchy, up-tempo with a much greater beat than on the original. Probably the best track from their new album, which was released earlier this year.

SoundSequence “Grim Reaper (2002):
SoundSequence is the name of the early work from Martin Rudefelt/Cryo. The tone here is much darker focusing more on a moody and complex sound structure in the vein of Ambient and Techno. This track got a really nice atmosphere together with a great melody and powerful rhythms. This is some really good shit here and stating that this was done back in 2002 make you kinda wonder why it hasn’t been released before. Even if this track is nearly ten years old, the sound is very modern and up-to-date. Great production.

Mommy Hurt My Head “Flawless (pAn alt. Version Mix):
It’s been two years since this Danish project released their self-entitled debut album. The work for next album is under way and this is a small hint of what we can expect from it. It’s dirty, gritty and melodic at the same time. Very 90′s Industrialistic.

To sum it up, this is probably one of the best compilations I’ve heard. With a stunning set of current or future hits, something that is very hard to accomplish on compilations while at the same time not get caught with all tracks sounding the same. The label as a whole actually has a wide range of different styles within their artists and that is something that is shown on this compilation. But at the same time I feel that every single one of them goes hand in hand.


01. Henric De La Cour “Dogs”
02. Kite “Ways To Dance (Leaether Strip Remix)
03. Red Cell “Lost”
04. Covenant feat. Necro Facility “Lightbringer (Speedrun II)
05. Code 64 “Deviant (SPARK! Remix)
06. Necro Facility “Do You Feel The Same (Henrik Bäckström Remix)
07. Cryo “Change (90ies Mix)
08. SPARK! “Popkomplex”
09. Titans “Dried Out”
10. Mr Jones Machine feat Susie “De Månbleka Tingen (Benbag Remix by Cryo)
11. System “Inheritance (SYSTEMatic Mix)
12. SoundSequence “Grim Reaper (2002)
13. Mommy Hurt My Head “Flawless (pAn alt. Version Mix)