Various “Septic X” (Dependent Records)

Various - Septic X Artist: Various
Title: Septic X
Format: Album / Compilation
Label: Label
Genre: Electro, Industrial
Release date: January 27, 2012

Dependent Records famous compilation series “Septic” celebrates its 10th edition since the first one was released back in the late 90′s.

The compilation opens up with a beautiful Front Line Assembly remix of Tim Skold’s track “Suck”. FLA have really got everything right with this one. Even though the track is outstanding in its original stage, this interpretation from FLA, and the combination of the two artists is just outstanding. Patenbrigade Wolff have been around for quite some time now and they contribute with an extended version of their future classic “Mauerradio” as they continue with their construction worker-electro.

The next one is probably the most interesting and promising act on this fantastic compilation. Not much info is found but Radical G is the Belgian electro project of Glenn Keteleer. He have released two albums and in 2011 he supported Lords Of Acid on their US tour “Lucifer” is an outstanding track with a very catchy melody and chorus that easily get stuck in your head.

Many bands from the labels roster is available here, including new music from Edge Of Dawn, Ghost & Writer, Mindless Faith to name a few together with a very interesting cooperation between Legacy Of Music and Mesh. Count to that unreleased versions from Imperative Reaction, Dismantled, KMFDM and one of last years most stunning act Acretongue. It’s almost two years since Edge Of Dawn released their highly successful album “Anything That Gets You Through The Night” and with the track “Red Bank” they continue with their catchy and melodic electro. Acretongue’s Abeyance-version of “Oblivion” is more club friendly with higher tempo compared to the album version. The same goes with Imperative Reaction’s outstanding “Side Effect”.

I like the mellow and very harmonic style of Angels On Acid’s “Epitaph V2″. That harmony continues in another style with Ghost & Writer’s “Gambit”. It’s very easy to like and the first piece of what to come from the bands next album.

“Septic X” deliver a very strong tracklist and definitely keep the high standard as always with Dependents compilations. They attend to choose their things very well. “Septic X” is for sure a compilation to check out. Don’t miss it!


01. SKOLD – Suck (Down On Your Knees Front Line Assembly Remix)
02. Patenbrigade: Wolff – Maurerradio (Extended Version)
03. Radical G – Lucifer (Long Version)
04. KMFDM – Go To Hell (Cervello Elettronico Remix)
05. Edge Of Dawn – Red Bank
06. Dismantled – Disease (VF Remix)
07. Acretongue – Oblivion (Abeyance)
08. Imperative Reaction – Side Effect (Club Version)
09. Volt 9000 – How To Start A War (Original Version)
10. Legacy Of Music – Tragedy featuring MESH
11. Angels On Acid – Epitaph (V2)
12. Ghost & Writer – Gambit (Septic Version)
13. Diskonnekted – Yesteryears (Septic Edit)
14. System Syn – Absence
15. Mindless Faith – Next To Last (Septic Mix)
16. Crash Course In Science – No More Hollow Doors