vProjekt “Exhilarate & Disgust” (Deathwatch Asia)

vProjekt - Exhilarate And Disgust Artist: vProjekt
Title: Exhilarate & Disgust
Format: Album
Label: Deathwatch Asia
Genre: Dark Electro, Harsh EBM
Release date: August 29, 2011

vProjekt is the one-man project of Australian native Eugene A. Nesci and Japanese label Deathwatch Asia has now launched his debut album “Exhilarate & Disgust” featuring a massive 76-minute playtime over 15 tracks.

In recent years, Australia have started to create a name for producing productive and interesting music in the scene. Both Shiv-R and Studio-X but also more experienced duo of The Crystalline Effect have managed to stand out and really affect the crowd. vProjekt is the latest addition to that crew.

With a great tension and strong atmosphere the album kicks off and deliver a dark tone of deep and intriguish soundscapes. It almost got the feeling of Dark Ambient mixed with dirty and gritty Industrial together with moody lyrics. Something the title track “Exhilarate & Disgust” shows in a very great way. The sound reminds me of Acretongue or even Fractured with its breakbeat and IDM in some parts but is more focused with heavily distorted vocals and a dirtier sound. The mix of the distortion and almost clean vocals make a perfect match which is really showed off on “Splinters In The Frame”.

“Tower Of Memories” is another favorite giving a distint, but deep bass to the very melodic feeling you get here. However, this is a track that I really think the heavily distorted vocals fits like a glove. Maybe it is because it’s put upfront and not that dark in the tone.

With strong rhythms and powerful basslines the album give a new push in the genre. It feels fresh and innovative. Eugene have really tried, and even succeeded to create something own and I think the sound is kinda unique.

With the implementation of old school EBM sounds mixed together with early Industrial elements aswell as modern one, the outcome is amazing. And the fact that Eugene have produced it himself is just something great. The typical club friendly is hard to find but “Thermite” is not far from it with its Skinny Puppy influenced structure. Even “A Kiss Between The Eyes” is faster and deliver a nice punch of beats. It even got a really nice melody and great structure. Otherwise it would be hard experience this music on the dancefloor as the typical beat structure of desired BPM count is not present.

For pushing nearly the 80-minute mark I feel the album hold you enough interested to stay along with only some minor flaws. To be honest, I would rather see the tracklist had been dropped with two, maybe three tracks.

The album is served together with a massive bonus disc adding a further 8 original tracks plus 4 remixes from bands like AmGod, Controlled Collapse, Die Sektor and Lexincrypt together with a collaboration with Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando) contributing his voice to the track “Swarms And Hives”, which is really amazing and make we wonder why it wasn’t included on the main album. Regarding the club appeal. This bonus disc is probably what you need. It is really interesting and the fact that it is not heaped with lots of remixes is a big plus. Die Sektor manage (once again) to spit out a very amazing remix. Actually, who many cares about a bonus disc full with remixes, usually with the same songs represented many times?


01. Humanside
02. Terraform
03. Exhilarate & Disgust
04. Splinters In The Frame
05. Rely
06. Warlord
07. Thermite
08. Contrition Cell
09. Young Blood
10. A Kiss Between The Eyes
11. Tower Of Memories
12. Inflect Infinity
13. Shape Of Days
14. In Severance
15. Wake

Limited Edition CD2: A Beautiful Reprise

01. Swarms And Hives (feat. JOHAN VAN ROY)
02. The Sky Fell Aground
03. Thermite (Slumbering X-plosive Remix by AMGOD)
04. Voices That Call To Us (Fading Far Behind)
05. Humanside (Humanization Remix by CONTROLLED COLLAPSE)
06. Breaking
07. Raptures
08. A Kiss Between The Eyes (DIE SEKTOR Remix)
09. Taste
10. Splinters In The Frame (LEXINCRYPT Remix)
11. Avalanche
12. Night Imager + Onychophora