VVA & VOA of Ad Inferna: The album is some kind of a slow descent into hell

VVA and VOA, the two guys behind the electronic project Ad Inferna are currently available with a new album to be released on April 26th.

I decided to talk with the duo regarding the new album, but also the change in style compared to previous albums and why they choosed Kari Berg, ex-Ashbury Heights and Zombie Girl for their collaborations.

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Blackvector: Hello guys! How are you doing?

VVA: Very well you know. We’re very excited because the reason why we worked so hard for many months, “There Is No Cure” will soon be released and impatient to receive feedbacks… positive feedbacks I mean eh eh.

VOA: Quite ok with VVA, this album was a very long working period, so I hope people will finally understand everything we have put inside it.

Blackvector: You are already back with a new studio album. Please tell us about “There Is No Cure”?

VVA: This album is the first album we entirely recorded and mixed. It means that “There Is No Cure” is really “our thing”. We could control everything, decide to change some parts, some sounds again and again until we were fully satisfied. About the concept, we chose to go even further into the darkness and insanity and to go beyond what has been done previously. DSM focuses on topics such as pain, sorrow and mental illness but TINC is pure evil, possession: a kind of slow descent into hell.

Blackvector: Besides the remix album in 2010, this is your third album in the same amount of years. And the time between the albums aren’t even a year. How do you manage to work that fast?

VVA: First of all, touring is not planned for the moment so we have more free time to devote maximum time on the composition and studio work. It’s weird but it always starts the same. VOA composed a song, I write my words and send him my vocal parts and suddenly… everything comes together and we share in the writing of a new production. And I confess that each time we find madness in a true story, a film or in our minds, everything goes very quickly!

VOA: We are not that fast, every new album is almost composed when the previous one is not released yet! But we have some time to catch up face to the 7 years lost…

Blackvector: The album has a much darker approach then your previous albums. Was that the meaning from the beginning to choose that path?

VVA: Unfortunately, or fortunately, it is quite natural for us. I think we’re pretty nice guys in everyday life but we both have the common point of needing to act out the dark side that lives and land inside of us. I put dark words on the dark music from VOA and vice versa, so it’s a vicious circle that leads us always deeper into this quest for what we really are.

Blackvector: Putting out releases this fast can easily bring out one specific question from the fans. And it is regarding the quality of the album, if there is enough passion put into the creation and not only putting together melodies without any thought?

VOA: Well… Regarding the facts that we are a rather old band (Ad Inferna is something like 10 years old), and that we have lost many years, the answer is simple: we are full of hate / passion / love and everything that music needs inside. Over “DSM” and “TINC”, we did put everything we had, everything we could, but “DSM” was not enough, and we had to carry on with “TINC”!

Blackvector: One answer to that question can simply be that all three albums have different themes and different styles? Was this something you had in mind already back in 2009 before releasing the “Trance N Dance” album?

VOA: Well, this album is not the best we had released so far. I think we were afraid to let go of some heavy metal elements to concentrate our mind on electronic music, and we tried to be in a kind of harmony between electronic stuff and acoustic instruments. But the result was not so high we expected. So, no, we didn’t had in mind to change radically after “TnD”, but I think it had been natural, we had some questions during the recording of this album. “DSM” and “There Is No Cure” is the answers.

Blackvector: But so far it doesn’t seem you lack any inspiration?

VOA: It’s up to people, fans and journalists to answer.

Blackvector: From what and where do you find it?

VOA: It’s a very hard question, I don’t really know, I don’t think inspiration comes from a particular thing, but depending on your actual mind, frustrations or thoughts. But generally, I don’t remember we have composed an album during a blue and white period thinking of flowers and bees!

VVA: Ah ah!!! That’s true, we’re not able to compose “happy” or “funny” music. If we’re in this state of mind (so rare? lol), we’re not creating music at all.

Blackvector: From where comes the title “There Is No Cure”?

VVA: My demented mind, eh eh. I also read a lot of documents concerning exorcisms & demonic possessions and I tried to understand these people, their physical and mental suffering and why it happened to them to be like that. And logically the name of the album crossed my mind and struck me as obvious.

Blackvector: Earlier this year, you announced a remix contest for the track “Resurrection”. How was the response to that and how did the result turn out?

VOA: Very good and frankly, we have been really surprised of the feedback! We can’t say we only received good stuff, but 4 of the bands amongst others have been very creative and we have been very happy to listen to their remixes. It’s a good experience that we will probably launch again. It’s very exciting to await for new remixes from your own music.

Blackvector: Did the album turn out the way you wanted from the beginning? I mean, did it turn out the way you envisioned before the start?

VOA: Totally, as “DSM” was. The little “plus” of “There Is No Cure” is the extreme meaning which is rising from it. I think, comparing to “DSM” which is more difficult to understand, “There Is No Cure” is a pure book, a kind of horror movie with a full story board when everything is growing step by step until “the one”.

Blackvector: The album feature collaborations from both ex-Ashbury Heights singer Kari Berg and Zombie Girl. How did it turn out to be those two?

VVA: First of all because we like the vocal parts they have done in their respective bands. For “There Is No Cure” we didn’t want to have one more person in our line-up (VOA & me) but in “French Kiss Of Death” & “Stigma”, we both wanted something fresh and new. At this moment, I listened to “Hope” of Ashbury Heights & “Creepy Crawler” of Zombie Girl and I stopped & thought: I WANT THEM BOTH! lol

They answered very nicely and in a positive way. We’re very proud & happy of their job and of the fact they gave their own touch to these two songs. One more thing, thanx to these two great artists. You know, we like a lot to do “featuring” or “versus” and to share with other bands our music & vice verca.

Blackvector: You always seem to have a card up your sleeve. What can we expect for the next Ad Inferna release?

VOA: This is surely the first time that I will answer you: “I really don’t know” lol. Today, the next album is not born yet, and even if we have some ideas, I can’t really say we are ready to launch the machine! I think we have to promote “There Is No Cure” as best as we can together with our label and together with people like you Man!

Blackvector: It’s time to wrap this up! Anything you wanna say to the readers?

VOA: From the moment you will listen to our last stuff, there will be no cure at all for you! Thanx!

VVA: I want to thank you Björn for this interview & wish you a long time with your excellent webzine. And hope anyone on earth can get the “Ad Inferna” virus listening to our devilish new opus “There Is No Cure”. Cheers.

I thank VOA and VVA very much for their time!

Visit Ad Inferna website! http://www.adinferna.com/