World Wide Electronics volume one to be out in April – at special price

Today it was announced that the new electronic sampler “World Wide Electronics” will be released on April 15th.

“World Wide Electronics” is a new electronic music sampler from Johan Van Roy, Suicide Commando/Noise Terror Productions fame. Volume one features a massive 17 tracks covering 77 minutes of previous unreleased material.

As reported earlier the sampler will feature music from Asphyxia, Betamorphose, C-Lekktor, Stahlnebel vs Black Selket, Infact, Vyrophage, Mildreda, Breathe (ex Placebo Effect), Detroit Diesel, vProjekt, Terrolokaust, Reaxion Guerrilla, xPeriment, Controlled Collapse, Ginger Snaps, Nano Infect and Project Rotten.

The compilation will also be sold as special low price!