XP8 “X: A Decade Of Decadence” (Deathwatch Asia)

XP8 - X A Decade Of Decadence Artist: Xp8
Title: X: A Decade Of Decadence
Format: EP, Digital
Label: Deathwatch Asia
Genre: Electro
Release date: December 2, 2011 (Out now digitally through XP8 Store)

Almost two years have passed since the last album “Drop the Mask” was released in early 2010. In my opinion, a breakthrough album for the band heading into the league of big names. With “X: A Decade Of Decadence” the band celebrate 10 years as a band with four studio albums in their back. This is the bands first release since a recent breakup from German label Infacted Recordings.

XP8 is a very underrated band in this scene and many have not yet discovered their huge potential. This release is the next chapter for the band and their sure prove an evolvement with the new tracks that bring a strong club potential to a very melodic structure even if the EP draws similarities to the 2008 album “The Art Of Revenge” in style. But in a much more mature way.

But as with “Drop The Mask”, this EP is so much more than just hard-pumping club hits. The track “Decadence” is an amazing futurepop constellation of strong melodies and great vocals by Marko, something that reminds me of “Blind” from the latest album. Even if the selected remixed tracks is among their most popular ones, the contrast to their sound today is noticed. However, the bands have interpreted the songs well and delivers two great club versions.

The EP will be released in a digipak on December 2nd, through Japanese label Deathwatch Asia, but if you want it digitally you can already now retrieve it through the bands own store.


01. Bullet Hole
02. Burning Down
03. Fragility
04. Wake Up!
05. Trip (feat. Stewart Who?)
06. Decadence
07. The Wound That Won’t Heal
08. Muv Your Dolly (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
09. The Art Of The Revenge (Autodafeh Remix)
10. Cuttin’n'Drinkin (Vanity Police Remix)